Here, at Omega Code, Redmine is foundation for our day-to-day operations.

Over time we have developed numbers of plugins. Introducting these solutions inside our company was such a success that we decided to share it with the world in hope other organizations will find them as useful as we did.

Commercial plugins

Redmine Schedule

Schedule workforce with ease and confidence.

Change plans, find replacements, and get people to work.

Start scheduling

Redmine Budget

Turn your time into money.

Keep track of profit, cost and analyze overall financial performance across your projects.

Get Budget

Open-source plugins

Redmine Rate

Manage billable rates and costs based on logged time.

Redmine Impersonate

Allow administrators to login as any user with a single click.

Redmine Shady

Temporarily disable sending e-mail notifications triggered by user.

Redmine Edit Author

Change author of issues.