Redmine Budget

Turn your time into money.

Keep track of profit, cost and analyze overall financial performance across your projects.

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Redmine provides extensive possibilites of planning and organizing work more agile to deliver faster and make our craft even better.

With Budget, in addition to keeping track of people work and time, it is possible to manage labor costs, set profit goals and gain insight into precious financial data from the past in order to plan and predict future more accurately.

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Plan budget for every product you want to deliver, be it a document, server configuration, design or anything that is deliverable to your clients. Calculate costs, set profits, assign issues and people to be on top of everything.

Hourly Rates

Specify hourly rates for employees to see not only spent time but every penny that is floating around with it. Every employee can have different rate for each project accross varied periods of time.


Use Redmine functions you know such as Custom Fields, Statuses and permissions to adjust everything to your workflow.


Bill dynamically based on hourly rates or set fixed costs with other factors like profit to make sure everything is in its right place.


Assign time for individual people and type of work within deliverables to breakdown costs and see performance of employees.

Access Control

With protected fields and budget supervisor features you can be sure that budget and numbers are consistent durning development.


Deliverable statuses combined with access control features allows to define custom workflows for managing and planing a budget.

Keep track of time & money

Redmine is the best open-source project management and time tracking platform. With Budget, it is finally possible to manage money, payouts and projects in a single place:

  • See cost of employees' work based on time tracking (thanks to agnostic open-source Rate plugin bundled with Budget).
  • Measure overall performance of your team based on deliverables & issues forecasts.
  • Get to know if everything is on track, both financially and timely.

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Buy now $199
One-year support with regular updates and improvements.

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