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Schedule workforce with ease and confidence.

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Scheduling workforce is hard and unpredictable.

Schedule is a workforce scheduling solution for Redmine that makes it easy to change plans, find replecements and get people to work.

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Interacive interface for managing workforce

Schedule is so simple and intuitive to use that it doesn't require much effort to understand it. Introducing it to organization will help to:

  • Manage and plan workforce throughout the time to make sure that your company have enough resources to meet deadlines and make people happy.
  • Know what is happening and what everyone is doing in a glimps thanks to clean interface and powerful filters.
  • Plan confidently without suprises by knowing about employees' unavailability due to vacations, sick leaves and public holidays.

Interactive Interface

Spreadsheets time is over. Use cards with contextful colors to represent labor workforce with drag and drop interface.

Powerful Filters

Easily find understaffed projects, replacements and people with too much free time on their hands to increase efficiency in management.


Manage schedules across differents periods to see everything from different perspectives.


Every company have different policies. Schedule for Redmine is flexible in order to let you define your workflow, not other way around. Specify who can plan, for whom, for what and how with ease.


Using Schedule with Budget makes planning efforts more meaningful in context of project budget thanks to deliverable assignments.


When planning, it is easy to make mistakes. Fixing them costs time and money. You can add custom validation methods such as working hours limit, holidays/vacations to minify errors.


Register sick leaves, vacations and get informed about public holidays in your country and see them in schedules.


Export Schedule entries to other programs to process data futher: Use Excel to analyze and manipulate informations you care about.

Plan on every level

Days are long, deadlines are short.

Successful planning requires long-term thinking and knowladge about conditions your team will have to face in the future.

Schedule allows you to view people's schedules across different periods: day, week, and month in order to let you see everything from different perspectives.

Futhermore, thanks to built-in algorithms, it is possible to manage and edit schedules across different periods to make planning even more robust.

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Buy now $149
One-year support with regular updates and improvements.

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